Logging in to Teleseer


After registering an account, users can then log in to Teleseer.

Users may log in via Google Single Sign On or with a valid email address and password.

Google SSO

  1. Navigate to https://go.teleseer.com
  2. Select the Sign in with Google button
  3. Select the email account associated with Teleseer:
    1. If you have a Google account, select this value
    2. If you linked Google to an external email address, select the external email address that you linked

Email Address and Password

  1. Navigate to https://go.teleseer.com
  2. Enter a valid Email address
  3. Enter the corresponding Password
  4. Select the Sign In button


Incognito Warning

Users cannot currently login via Incognito mode due to the following Firebase ticket:

Password Reset

Follow the steps below to reset your Teleseer account password

  1. Navigate to https://go.teleseer.com/auth/reset
  2. Enter the email address associated with your account
  3. Select the Reset Password button
  4. Follow the steps in the email sent to the address above